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Cable Testing VIOLA/TD - BAUR VLF Cable Test System with truesinus®

VIOLA/TD - BAUR VLF Cable Test System with truesinus®

VIOLA/TD - BAUR VLF Cable Test System with truesinus®
VIOLA/TD - BAUR VLF Cable Test System with truesinus®
Brand: BAUR
Product Code: VIOLA/TD
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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  • For medium-voltage cables up to 35 kV
  • Latest testing technology VLF truesinus®
  • Easily transportable for on-site application
  • High-performance, yet mobile
  • Small investments for extensive solutions
  • Extendable to a diagnostics system

Clear results, safe decisions.

BAUR as an international leading supplier of VLF test technology offers viola TD, a device with high power in an extremely
compact design. With the output voltage of 42.5 kVrms (60 kVpeak), the device is suitable for testing and diagnostics on cable with a rated voltage up to 35 kV. The laid power cables can be tested efficiently and to assess their condition without sustaining damage (tan delta test). viola TD is two-piece and needs no other instruments. The device fits in any vehicle boot and can also be used in places difficult to reach. The robust design and the one-button operation make it extremely easy to operate. The BAUR user interface with 14 languages offers maximum safety and is very easy to understand. The integrated tan delta measurement runs automatically, operating errors are ruled out.


  • Testing of electrical equipment and cables with a rated voltage up to 35 kV according to the IEEE 400.2 Installation or Maintenance Test procedure
  • Max. test voltage 42.5 kVrms VLF true sinus®/60 kV rectangular wave
  • Cable testing according to: VDE DIN 0276-620/621 (CENELEC HD 620/621), IEEE P 400.2-2004, IEEE 400-2001
  • VLF true sinus® test technology enables the production of a reproducible load-independent high voltage wave
  • Cable sheath testing according to IEC 60502/IEC 60229
  • Insulation testing on electrical equipment according to IEEE 433
  • Diagnostics of electrical equipment and cables with a rated voltage up to 35 kV according to IEEE 400.2 with 2*U0
  • Precise tan delta measurement with precision of 1 x 10-4
  • Automated, individually programmable test sequences
  • Intuitive operation via the BAUR User Interface in 14 languages
  • Data transfer via USB interface
  • Management of test and measurement data with PC software with extensive reporting function
  • Optional partial discharge diagnostics system in combination with BAUR PD Portable
  • Portable, easy to transport

The best cost-benefit ratio.

Often cable lines are replaced without precise knowledge about the age and condition of the cable. Consequently, even good sections are replaced. Such wasted efforts can be avoided with viola TD. Maintenance can be optimally planned. Working with viola TD is easy and efficient. The department responsible for maintenance defines the tests to conduct. Existing employees can conduct these tests on site on all cable types (PE, VPE, paper insulated cable) without problem. Collection and evaluation of diagnostics data is done at the central office.


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