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Cable Testing Fault Locators

Fault Locators

Although cables have become highly developed, there can still be malfunctions in cable systems. To keep the damages as minimal as possible, trained staff and efficient equipment are a must. RCCE provides a wide range of cable fault location instruments and systems from industry leading manufactures, which can be used for short circuit faults , cable cuts, resistive faults, intermittent faults, and sheath faults. 

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  The Fault Wizard will shoot through transformers and will locate faults up to 10,000 f..

$15,995.00 $10,995.00
BAUR System Software Ver. 3.3
BAUR System Software Ver. 3.3 Optimum support for all testing tasks on power cables: Find..

CL20 - Cable Locator/Tracer
The BAUR cable locator CL 20 is unchallenged for successful location in a variety ..

SHIRLA - Cable Sheath Fault Locator - DEMO UNIT
All in one - fully automatic cable sheath testing and fault location system T..

STG600 - Low Voltage Cable Fault Location System
The low voltage cable fault location system STG 600 includes a surge generator, a ..

SYSCOMPACT 2000M - Cable Fault Locator
Syscompact 2000 M cable fault location system The SYSCOMPACT 2000 M is a mobile and multifunc..

SYSCOMPACT 3000 - Cable Fault Locator
Syscompact 3000 Cable Fault Locator Sim/Mim The SYSCOMPACT 3000 is a multi-functional cable f..

TDR500 - Portable Time Domain Reflectometer
TDR 500 / TDR 510 BAUR Handheld Time Domain Reflectometer The BAUR handheld time domain ref..

TDR510 - Portable Time Domain Reflectometer
TDR 510 BAUR Handheld Time Domain Reflectometer The BAUR handheld time domain reflectometer..

TITRON - Cable Test Van
Automatic cable test van - NEW ! The BAUR Titron is a new automatic cable test ..

UCT-8 - Underground Cable Fault Tester
Raise the Standard - The All New Dimension of Underground Cable Fault Testing The Underground..

UL30 - Cable Locator/Tracer
The Locator Set is used for tracing and depth evaluation of cables. Using addition..