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Power Measurement Power Quality Analyzer E-MON PowerSmart Essential Power Quality Meter

E-MON PowerSmart Essential Power Quality Meter

E-MON PowerSmart Essential Power Quality Meter
E-MON PowerSmart Essential Power Quality Meter
Brand: E-MON
Product Code: E-MON PowerSmart Essential Power Quality Meter
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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  • The PowerSmart+ Essential power quality meter is a multi-functional power meter measuring over 100 energy parameters for revenue metering, power quality and harmonic analysis. The device can be integrated in panel boards or supplied in a stand-alone enclosure. The LCD display provides a wealth of metering information and graphical display of vector diagrams, load bars and waveform monitoring. Flexible communication options include RS-485 and Ethernet for remote visualization. The PowerSmart+ Essential meter is ideal for energy metering and power quality analysis of specific critical loads to an entire building.
  • • Current Sensor Options:- Available with integrated 5 Amp current sensors for use with existing 5 Amp output current transformers.- Available as a meter only configuration for use with PowerSmart current sensors. Current sensor leads can be extended up to 500 feet for remote installation (sold separately, see PowerSmart current sensor spec for details.)

• Standard 2-wire RS-485 communication port; Modbus RTU, DNP3 and ASCII communication protocols.

• Optional Ethernet 10/10BaseT port for Modbus TCP/IP communication.

• Optionally available pre-installed inside a JIC steel enclosure with lockable window panel and 3-phase voltage terminal block. Dimensions: 9.06" H x 23.62" W x 6.1" D.

• Three-phase total and per phase energy measurements; active, reactive and apparent energy counters.

• Time-of-use, 4 totalization and tariff energy/demand registers x 8 tariffs, 4 seasons x 4 types of days, 8 tariff changes per day.

• Automatic daily energy and maximum demand profile log for total and tariff registers.

• Voltage and current THD, current TDD and K-Factor, up to 40th order harmonic.

• Voltage and current harmonic spectrum and angles.

• Real-time "scope mode" waveform monitoring capability.

• Simultaneous 6-channel one-cycle waveform capture at a rate of 64 samples per cycle.

• 16 control setpoints; programmable thresholds and delays.

• 1-cycle response time.

• Non-volatile memory for long-term event and data recording.

• Event recorder for logging internal diagnostic events and setup changes. Two data recorders; programmable data logs on a periodic basis; automatic daily energy and maximum demand profile log.

• Auto-scroll option with adjustable page exposition time; auto-return to a default page.

• LED bar graph showing percent load with respect to user-definable nominal load current.

    • Electric Submeter Features

    • • Class 0.5S IEC 62053-22 four-quadrant active and reactive energy polyphase static meter.

    • • Ampere/Volt demand meter with True RMS, power, power factor, neutral current, voltage and current unbalance frequency.

    • • Dual Panel mounting configuration for 4" round or 96x96 square DIN new or retrofit installations.

        • • High Precision 3-phase meter monitoring:
          - Voltage
        • - Current
        • - Power
        • - Power Factor
        • - Neutral Current
        • - Energy
        • - Demand
        • - Frequency
        • - Load Profile
        • - Voltage/Current Unbalance

    • • 3.5" monochromatic LCD display with 240x128 dots resolution, adjustable update time,
    • backlit and user defined brightness settings.

    • • Supplied with E-Mon Power Software for meter set up and power quality analysis.

    • • 3 Voltage inputs and 3 current transformer-isolated AC inputs for direct connection to power line or via potential and current transformers.

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