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Power Measurement Power Quality Analyzer E-MON PowerSmart Socket-Type Power Quality Meter

E-MON PowerSmart Socket-Type Power Quality Meter

E-MON PowerSmart Socket-Type Power Quality Meter
E-MON PowerSmart Socket-Type Power Quality Meter
Brand: E-MON
Product Code: E-MON PowerSmart Socket-Type Power Quality Meter
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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  • The PowerSmart+ Revenue Grade power quality socket meter is an advanced power quality analyzer in a socket meter configuration. The device provides long term memory for load & trend profiles and includes advanced power quality analysis to detect and record waveform events and fault currents that are harmful to power systems. The PowerSmart+ Socket meter is ideal for government and large campus facilities, electric utility entities or any electrical substation where precise energy information is required. Applications include power planning as well as monitoring primary customers at the service entrance to provide a higher service level of power quality.
  • • Form 9S configuration for new or retrofit socket-style installation

• State of the art power quality recorder (onboard PQ analyzer according to EN50160, programmable thresholds with hysteresis; ready-to-use reports, sags/swells, interruptions, frequency variations, flicker, temporary over voltages, transient over voltages, voltage unbalance, harmonic and interharmonic voltages.)

• Programmable controller (32 control set points, AND/OR logic, extensive triggers, programmable thresholds and delays, relay control, event-driven data recording.)

• High-Class 3-phase demand power meter (amps, volts, harmonic demands, true RMS of volts and amps, powers, power factors and neutral current.)

• Harmonic analyzer (to 128th harmonic volts and amps, power harmonics and power factor, phasor, symmetrical components.)

• Event recorder for logging internal diagnostics events, control events and I/O operations. Digital fault recorder (onboard fault detector-programmable fault, up to 50 Amps fault currents, zero-sequence currents and volts, current and volt unbalance, under-voltage, neutral current.)

• PowerSmart+ Socket meter uses flash memory for storing device firmware that allows future upgrading of the device without replacing any hardware component. The new features can be easily added to your device by simply replacing the firmware through a local RS-232/485, USB or Ethernet port.

• Isolated three-phase power supply unit from the measured voltage inputs, according to the voltage measurement input range:
- Low range measurement input nominal rating: 57.7V AC to 120 V AC (L-N)
- High range measurement input nominal rating: 120 V AC to 277V AC (L-N)

• Four fast waveform recorders; selectable AC sampling rate of 32-1024 samples per cycle, 20 pre-fault cycles, 1-ms resolution for digital inputs monitoring, up to 3 min. of continuous recording with an 8 MB onboard memory at a rate of 32 samples per cycle.

• Sixteen fast data recorders (from 1/2 cycle RMS to 2 hour RMS envelopes, up to 20 pre-fault cycles, programmable data logs on a periodic basis and on any internal and external trigger.)

• 16 programmable timers from 1/2 cycle to 24 hours for periodic recording and triggering operations on a time basis.

• 16 MB Non-Volatile memory for energy and tariff registers logging, EV-PQ-DATA-WV log.

• Built-in (2) digital optically isolated fast inputs and 1 KYZ relay output.

• Communication capabilities:
- Standard: On-Board infrared port, isolated RS-485 port and USB device port for Modbus RTU/ASCII and DNP 3.0 protocols.
- Optional: Ethernet 10/100 Base-T port for Modbus TCP/IP or DNP 3.0 TCP protocols.

• UL Listed/CSA Approved 61010-1: 2006, ANSI C12.20: Class 10/25 0.25, IEC 62053-22: Class 0.25

    • Electric Submeter Features

    • • Precise Class 0.2 Active Energy & Power demand meter with easy to read 4" graphical display, multiple tariffs and Time-Of-Use, transformer and line losses, unique anti-tampering & self-test functions.

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