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PD3259 (Used) - HIOKI Digital Phase Detector

PD3259 (Used) - HIOKI Digital Phase Detector

PD3259 (Used) - HIOKI Digital Phase Detector
PD3259 (Used) - HIOKI Digital Phase Detector
Brand: HIOKI
Product Code: PD3259 (Used)
Availability: In Stock
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Price: CAD 882.00 CAD 540.00

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Hioki’s non-contact voltage detection and measurement technology places efficiency and safety as priority considerations with the goal of protecting customers that need to conduct on-site electrical work as part of renovations and expansions of manufacturing plants and buildings. The PD3259 Digital Phase Detector lets you to measure three-phase voltage and detect phase sequence simultaneously by just clipping onto covered cables, ensuring absolutely no contact with metal parts for maximum safety.

CAT IV 600 V

A comment of Good Design Award 2016 “I was impressed by Hioki’s commercialization of no-metal-contact voltage measurement technology, which not only eliminates the risk of electric shock while performing electrical work in the field, but also contributes greatly to reducing workload, both psychologically and in terms of man-hours required to complete a task. In addition, the product’s size and interface are well considered in light of a basic design that differs from past products due to the use of no-contact technology.”

Key Features

• World’s first non-metallic contact voltage detection and testing

• Simply clip onto wire insulation

• Phase detection check and line-to-line voltage inspection at the same time

• Easy and intuitive phase detection check with backlight and buzzer

• Ideal for work certification photos, offering simultaneous display of phase sequence and 3-phase voltage Note: Only the voltage value is displayed when measuring a single-phase/3-wire circuit.

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