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Brand E-MON EMOM Class 4000 KWH Meter

EMOM Class 4000 KWH Meter

EMOM Class 4000 KWH Meter
EMOM Class 4000 KWH Meter
Brand: E-MON
Product Code: EMOM Class 4000 KWH Meter
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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Class 4000 Multi-Family kWh Meters

Designed specifically for the multi-housing market, the Class 4000 lets apartment, condominium and dormitory managers and owners know when and where energy is being used. By metering individual tenants and common areas within a facility, managers can pinpoint when and where tenants are using energy. Armed with reliable and accurate energy data, tenants can take steps to curtail this usage and thus reduce their energy consumption costs.

E-Mon D-Mon Class 4000 meters are ideal for applications where the meter must be installed inside the tenant space. Meters install with minimum tenant disruption and can be read remotely with E-Mon Energy™ software to generate tenant bills, usage statements and energy graphs.

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