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Cable Testing TDR510 - BAUR Portable Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)

TDR510 - BAUR Portable Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)

TDR510 - BAUR Portable Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
TDR510 - BAUR Portable Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
Brand: BAUR
Product Code: TDR510
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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TDR 510
BAUR Handheld Time Domain Reflectometer

The BAUR handheld time domain reflectometer TDR 500 and TDR 510 are used
for fault location in all metal cables such as power cables, coaxial cables, data
cables and communication cables. With the time domain reflectometry, cables
are tested for interruption, short-circuit, contact, illegal branching (electricity
theft), water leaks and other cabling faults that alter the impedance of the cable.
Simultaneously, the cable length is determined and the distance to the fault is
With a minimum measurement range of up to 7 m, both devices are especially
suitable for locating faults in the vicinity, e.g. in home connections. But even
in long measurement routes up to 6 km, TDR 500 and TDR 510 show a high
measurement accuracy.
TDR 510: The BAUR TDR 510 comes with a device storage for 50 measurements
and the option to compare the trace of an active TDR measurement with a stored
trace. With the TDR software, the stored measurement data can be downloaded
to a PC via the USB interface and processed further. To compare historical measurement
data with the current measurements, the measurement data can also be
loaded the other way, from PC to TDR 510.

▪▪ Fault location in low voltage, coaxial, control
and data cables as well as communication
and CCTV cables
▪▪ Detection of all faults altering the impedance,
such as short-circuits, cable interruptions,
wiring faults, etc.
▪▪ Joint location
▪▪ Location and identification of cable pairs
▪▪ Compact and light time domain reflectometer
weighing only 350 g
▪▪ Measurement category CAT IV / 600 V
for maximum safety in compliance with
EN 61010 (with the separation filter*)
▪▪ 11 measurement ranges between 7 m and 6 km
▪▪ Cable impedance of 25, 50, 75 and 100 Ohm
and the propagation speed can be adjusted
▪▪ Output pulse from 3 ns to 3 μs
▪▪ Integrated audio frequency generator
810 – 1 100 Hz
▪▪ 2 measurement modes available:
–– Single shot for locating simple, permanent
–– Continuous scanning for locating intermittent
▪▪ Precise determination of cable length and
distance to the fault
▪▪ Stable and robust construction – specially
designed for field use
▪▪ Water and dust-proof in compliance with IP 54
TDR 500
▪▪ Variable gain control
TDR 510
▪▪ 50 traces storage capacity
▪▪ Trace comparison on the instrument
▪▪ USB interface for data exchange between PC
and TDR 510
▪▪ Windows-based TDR software for analysis
and further processing of measurement
data on the PC (up to 3 stored results can be

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