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GL240 - Compact 10 Channel Data Logger

GL240 - Compact 10 Channel Data Logger

GL240 - Compact 10 Channel Data Logger
GL240 - Compact 10 Channel Data Logger
Brand: GRAPHTEC Instruments
Product Code: GL240 - Compact 10 Channel Data Logger
Availability: Pre-Order
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new-icon-instruments-store.png GL240 is Graphtec's newest Compact Standalone Data Logger

GL240 Comes Standard with:

  • WLAN capable using optional* WLAN Unit B-568 for remote monitoring and datalogging
  • 4.3 inch wide TFT color LCD screen
  • Three types of power source: AC, DC*, rechargeable battery pack*
  • Extended memory capacity using SD cards (SDHC compatible up to 32GB*)
  • Max sampling interval up to 10ms
  • All channels isolated
  • Analog signal input port
  • Logic/Pulse signal input port
  • Thermocouple ready datalogger
  • Flexible input system for voltage, temp, humidity, pulse and logic signals
  • Smartphone, remote access monitoring

The GL240 is a 10 channel comprehensive data logger and the best value market leader. This compact, comprehensive datalogger accepts voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse and logic signals. Channel-to-channel isolation means wiring errors or overloaded channels do not affect neighbouring channels. Sensors are connected via rear mounted screw terminals.

Application Industries Benefiting from data logging with the GL240

  • Agriculture
  • Greenhouse and Hydroponics
  • Construction and Civil engineering
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace
  • Utilities / Gas and Electric
  • Electrical appliance and Office equipment
  • Food processing


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