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Bench Testing DTL C - Dissipation Factor Oil Tester

DTL C - Dissipation Factor Oil Tester

DTL C - Dissipation Factor Oil Tester
DTL C - Dissipation Factor Oil Tester
Brand: BAUR
Product Code: DTL C - Dissipation Factor Oil Tester
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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  • Fully automatic measurement of the dissipation factor, the specific resistance and the relative permittivity of insulating oils
  • Easy application with 8 pre-programmable standards for quick and extensive analysis
  • Extended analysis for testing and research laboratories with individually programmable measuring sequences
  • Maximum accuracy with tan δ measurement up to 1 x 10-6
  • Excellent design for high efficiency and user-friendliness

More knowledge, better decisions. Diagnosis of insulating oil with BAUR DTL C.

The established analysis and diagnosis of insulating oils with BAUR DTL C provides valuable fi ndings in the scientifi c work,
research and development. The extensive knowledge about the current state of insulating liquids becomes more important even for the operational power network expert.

BAUR DTL C offers the latest and most precise information for effi cient oil management in plants in the electricity industry, the medical and safety industry. BAUR DTL C is the only device in the market which combines measurement of the dissipation factor, specifi c resistance and relative permittivity.


  • Advanced, precise analysis with tan δ measurement up to 1 x 10-6
  • Measurement of the specific resistance ρ with both polarities up to 100 TΩ
  • Measurement of the relative permittivity ε
  • Latest highly precise measurement technology for tests on mineral oils, silicone and ester fluids
  • High precise induction heating of the test cell with accurate temperature control for a temperature independent result
  • Direct temperature measurement by placing the sensor in the measurement electrodes
  • Only device worldwide with 8 pre-programmed fully auto-matic test standards*, including IEC 61620
  • Additional 10 user-programmable test sequences
  • High quality test cell – in acc. to IEC 60247
  • Automatic calibration of the empty cell for quick test sequences
  • Automatic draining of the test cell without disassembling
  • Ergonomic operating unit with oil-proof membrane keyboard, well legible LCD colour display and integrated printer
  • User interface in 13 languages
  • Sophisticated ergonomic concept for high efficiency, speed, usability and safety combined with highest standards
  • Minimum space requirement in the laboratory
  • Option: PC interface including new BAUR testing software, ITS, for user-friendly control, measurement data archiving

Maximum economic and safe maintenance planning.

At present, the BAUR DTL C is the leading standard in insulating oil testing across the world. In practice, the comprehensive analysis with BAUR DTL C impacts a precise and, hence more economic maintenance planning. The saving potential for network operators, depending on the network size, and the associated insulating oil requirement is several hundred thousand Euros per year.


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