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3246-60 - HIOKI Pencil Type DMM
Pencil-type DMM with Penlight ..

CAD 88.20
3282 - HIOKI TRMS 1000A AC Clampon Tester
TRMS AC Clampon Multimeter 1000A ..

CAD 496.00
3283 - HIOKI AC Clampon Leakage Tester  200A
AC Clampon Leakage Tester - 200A Max w/10uA Resolution ..

CAD 518.00
3287 - HIOKI 100A AC/DC TRMS Clampon Tester
Compact & easy, one-touch maintenance on all types of AC/DC equipment ..

CAD 418.60
3288 - HIOKI 1000A AC/DC Clampon Tester
Compact & easy, one-touch maintenance on all types of AC/DC equipment ..

CAD 348.60
3481-20 - HIOKI Non-Contact Voltage Detector with LED Light
Hioki leads the industry in non-contact test and measurement technology that promotes safety on t..

ART-3D - ndb 3 Phase Transformer Ratiometer
ART-3D - Transformer Turn Ratio Instrument The ART-3D is high precision instrument designed t..

BAC25A - DV Power Battery Charger
Battery charger BAC25A is a portable and universal battery charging solution. It is primarily int..

BLU Series - DV Power Battery Load Capacity Testers  -  7 Models
BLU Series Battery Load Testers Battery Capacity Testers plays an important role in batte..

BT3554 - HIOKI Battery Tester 60V
Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for 1 y..

CAD 3,913.00
CAT H - DV Power Circuit Breaker Analyzer
Circuit Breaker Analyzer & Timer CAT-H    Compact and ergonomic design – only 1..

DOC-3 - ndb Distribution Transformer Tester
The NDB-DOC-3™ is a test instrument designed for distribution networks transformers from 5kVA to ..

DT4222 - HIOKI Digital Multimeter
Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year Regarding DMM Accuracy Due to the many ranges and functions ..

CAD 168.00
FRIDA - BAUR VLF/Tan Delta/Partial Discharge with truesinus®
Testing and diagnostics in a device Clear and reliable informat..

FT6031-03 - HIOKI Digital Earth Tester - 3 Pole Design
FT6031-03 HIOKI Digital Earth Tester 3-Pole Design   ..

CAD 770.00
GL2000 - Graphtec Portable High Speed 4 Channel Data Logger
Item Description Display (LCD) Size ..

CAD 4,053.00
GL840-M - Graphtec 20 Channel Data Logger
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION GL840 is Graphtec's newest Multichannel Standalone Data Logger ..

CAD 3,283.00
IBAR - DV Power Battery Resistance Tester
DV Power battery internal resistance tester IBAR is handheld, accurate and very quick resistance ..

IR4056-20 - HIOKI Digital Insulation Tester 1KV
Features solid reading stability in medium-speed digital format ..

CAD 364.00
MR8847A - HIOKI High Speed Memory Recorder, 16 Analog Ch
Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year, Post-adjustment accuracy guaranteed for..

MR8875 - HIOKI High Speed Portable Memory Recorder
High Speed Portable Memory Recorder for 16CH Analog and 8CH Digital. CAN Signals ..

CAD 7,980.00
MR8880-20 - HIOKI High Speed Portable   Memory Recorder, 4Ch
High Speed Portable Memory Recorder for 4CH Analog and 8CH Digital Signals ..

CAD 5,173.00
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PGK 25 - BAUR DC Hi-Pot Testing Unit
Cable testing with the BAUR PGK 25 Cables must be tested in compliance with the..

Protrac - BAUR pin-pointing system
protrac® Pin-pointing system Fast and precise cable fault pin-pointing - Unique op..

PW3198 - HIOKI Power Quality Analyzer - Superseded by PQ3198
HIOKI's Class 'A' Certified Power Quality Analyzer - EN50160 ..

RMO-G Series - DV Power Digital Micro Ohmmeters - 7 Models
RMO-G series contain 7 models of powerful and lightweight micro ohmmeters: ..

RMO-H Series - DV Power Handheld Micro Ohmmeters - 2 Models
First handheld micro ohmmeter (only 0,95 kg / 2.1 lbs) which generates regulated DC current up to..

RMO-TW Series - DV Power Winding Resistance, Tap Changer Verify & Demag  -  4 Models
RMO-TW Series Winding Resistance & Tap Changer Analyzers   Features ..

SAT-Series - DV Power Coil Analyzers - 2 Models
SAT Series The Coil Analyzers SAT30A and SAT40A are powerful units ideal for testing of circu..

SHIRLA - BAUR Cable Sheath Fault Locator
All in one - fully automatic cable sheath testing and fault location system T..

TRT-63 Series - DV Power Three Phase Transformer Ratiometer  -  3 Models
TRT-63 Series Three Phase Transfomer Ratiometer Features TRT63C is a three-phase, ful..

VCI-3 - ndb Voice Cable Identification System
VCI-3 - Features The VCI-3 is cable identification and phasing system used during installatio..