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Cable Testing RMO-D Series - DV Power Digital Micro Ohmmeters - 3 Models

RMO-D Series - DV Power Digital Micro Ohmmeters - 3 Models

RMO-D Series - DV Power Digital Micro Ohmmeters - 3 Models
RMO-D Series - DV Power Digital Micro Ohmmeters - 3 Models
Product Code: RMO-D Series
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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RMO-D series contain 3 models of powerful and lightweight micro ohmmeters:

   RMO200D – test current from 5 to 200 A, weighs only 9 kg / 20 lbs
   RMO500D – test current from 5 to 500 A, weighs only 12 kg / 26.5 lbs
   RMO600D – test current from 5 to 600 A, weighs only 12 kg / 26.5 lbs

  • Measuring range: 0,1 μΩ – 999,9 mΩ
  • Resolution: 0,1 μΩ
  • Typical accuracy: ± (0,1 % rdg + 0,1 % FS)
  • Remote Control Unit (optional)
  • Both Sides Grounded Unit (optional)
  • SINGLE / CONTIN / BSG / DTRtest modes

RMO-D series of Micro Ohmmeters (hereafter referred to as “RMO-D”) is based on a state of the art technology, using the most advanced switch mode technique available today. RMO-D generates a true DC ripple-free current with automatically regulated test ramps. During a test the RMO-D ramps with increasing current before measuring and decreasing current after the measurement. This eliminates magnetic transients.

The RMO-D instrument can store internally up to 500 measurements. All measurements are time and date stamped. Using the DV-Win software a test can be performed from a user’s PC, and the results can be obtained directly on the PC. Communication between the RMO-D and a PC is through an USB (as standard) or an RS232 cable (as an option). Bluetooth communication interface is also available as an option. Using the DV-Win the result can be arranged as an Excel spread-sheet which can be later shown as a diagram and printed for a report.

The set is equipped with a thermal and an overcurrent protection. The RMO-D has a very high ability to cancel electrostatic and electro-magnetic interference in HV electric fields. It is achieved by very efficient filtration. The filtration is made utilizing a proprietary hardware and software.

The RMO-D instrument has four separate test modes:

  • SINGLE mode
  • CONTIN mode
  • BSG mode (Both Sides Grounded)
  • DTRtest mode (Dead Tank Resistance)

The DEMAGNETIZATION feature enables for full automatic demagnetization of a current transformer core after the measurement.

Included accessories


  • DV-Win PC software
  • USB cable
  • Mains power cable
  • Ground (PE) cable
Recommended accessories


  • Current cables 2 x 5 m (16.4 ft.),       XX* mm2 with battery clips
  • Sense cables 2 x 5 m with alligator clips
  • Transport case
Optional accessories


  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Thermal paper roll
  • Test shunt 600 A / 60 mV
  • Current cables 2 x 10 m XX* mm2
  • Current cables 2 x 15 m XX* mm2
  • Extension cable 2 x 10 m XX* mm2
  • Sense cables 2 x 10 m with alligator clips
  • Sense cables 2 x 15 m with alligator clips
  • Cable plastic case
  • Cable bag
  • Remote control unit
  • Current clamp 30/300 A power supplied from the instrument with extension 5 m (Both Sides Grounded Unit)


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