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Handheld Test Equipment 3258 - HIOKI Voltage Meter/Detector

3258 - HIOKI Voltage Meter/Detector

3258 - HIOKI Voltage Meter/Detector
3258 - HIOKI Voltage Meter/Detector
Brand: HIOKI
Product Code: 3258 - HIOKI Voltage Meter/Detector
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World’s First Non-Metallic Contact Voltage Tester Measures 600V With Optimal Safety

Hioki leads the industry in non-metallic contact test and measurement technology that promotes safety on the worksite. The 3258 is a line voltage tester that employs a coupling capacitance cancellation method to measure voltage in AC circuits without requiring metal-to-metal contact. Voltage can be measured safely at practically any location, on either insulated or exposed metal conductors.

CAT IV 600 V

■ Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 1 year)

Regarding DMM Accuracy
Due to the many ranges and functions available in a DMM, only the basic accuracy is indicated for reference. Please refer to the individual catalogs for detailed accuracy information.

Measurement parameter AC voltage (AC potential bridge)
Objects of measurement Insulated conductors (IV or CV equivalent, min. 100 mm² x-section), metal conductors Note: Not usable on shielded conductors
Measurement range 420.0V/ 600V AC (Auto)
Measurement values True RMS
Max. rated voltage to earth 600V AC rms
Influence of adjacent wiring ±5% rdg. or less
Temperature characteristics 0.05 % rdg./ °C
Display Digital LCD, max. 4200 digit (zero suppress at 10 digits or less)
Display refresh rate Approx. once every 0.6 seconds
Display response 2.4 s or less
Functions Data hold function, auto-power off, low battery warning
Power supply LR6 (AA) alkaline battery ×6, Continuous use: 14 hr (Power ON, no measurement), or 1-minute measurements for 1000 times, or 5-minute measurements for 200 times
Dimensions and mass 51mm (2.01in) W × 275mm (10.83in) H × 37.5mm (1.48in) D (one probe), 670g (23.6oz)
Accessories Instruction manual ×1, LR6 (AA) alkaline battery ×6, Soft carrying case ×1

■ Basic accuracy.. Covered (unshielded) electric wires (Indoor PVC or equivalent, 100 mm2 or larger)

Note: For insulated cables over 38 mm2 to less than 100 mm2, add 0.5% rdg. to measurement accuracy

Measurement range Accuracy guaranteed range Accuracy
  40 - 66 Hz 66 - 400 Hz
420 V 30.0 - 420.0 V ±1.5% rdg. ±5 dgt. ±2.5% rdg. ±5 dgt.
600 V 380 - 480 V ±2.0% rdg. ±5 dgt. -
  481 - 600 V ±5.0% rdg. ±5 dgt. -


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