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Bench Testing 3334 - HIOKI Bench Type Power Analyzer - AC/DC Measurement

3334 - HIOKI Bench Type Power Analyzer - AC/DC Measurement

3334 - HIOKI Bench Type Power Analyzer - AC/DC Measurement
3334 - HIOKI Bench Type Power Analyzer - AC/DC Measurement
Brand: HIOKI
Product Code: 3334 - HIOKI Bench Type Power Analyzer - AC/DC Measurement
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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Energy Consumption Testing for Loads from 100mA - 30A
  • DC measurement mode, AC, and AC+DC measurement possible
  • Integration function for current and power
  • High basic accuracy ±0.2%
  • Extended Period of Guaranteed Accuracy of 3 Years
  • Complete Accuracy Over a Wide Input Range
    1.00mA〜 30.00A, 0.150V〜 300.0V, 0.0000W〜 9.000kW
Basic specifications (Accuracy guaranteed for 3years)
Measurement lines Single-phase/ two-wires
Measurement items Voltage, Current, Active power, Apparent power, Power factor, Frequency, Integration (current, active power), Waveform peak (voltage and current)
Measurement ranges [Voltage] AC/DC 15.000/30.00/150.00/300.0V
[Current] AC/DC 100.00/300.0 mA, 1.0000/3.000/10.000/30.00A
[Power] 1.5000 W〜9.000 kW (combination of voltage and current ranges)
Integration measurement
Integration time up to 10,000 hours
[Current] No.of displayed digits: 6 digits (from 0.00000mAh, Polarity-independent integration and Sum value)
[Active power] No.of displayed digits: 6 digits (from 0.00000mWh, Polarity-independent integration and Sum value)
Input resistance 2.4MΩ for voltage, 10mΩ or better for current, (50/60 Hz, direct input)
Basic accuracy ±0.1%rdg. ±0.2%f.s. (DC), ±0.1%rdg. ±0.1%f.s. (45Hz to 66Hz)
Note: Provided accuracy of 1 Year, typical value
Display refresh rate 5 times per second
Frequency characteristics DC, 45Hz to 5kHz
Waveform output Parameter output representation: voltage, current and active power (3 simultaneous channels), Output voltage: 1V DC f.s.
Analog output
(D/A output)
Parameter output representation: voltage, current active power and selected 1 item (4 simultaneous channels), Selected 1 item from apparent power, power factor, current integration, active power integration, Output voltage: ±2V DC f.s.
Functions Rectification method switchable between AC+DC (True RMS), DC (simple average), AC (True RMS), Wave peak measurement, VT or CT ratio settings, Average function
Interface RS-232C included as standard, GP-IB (Model 3334-01 only)
Power consumption 100V to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 20VA max.
Dimensions and mass 210 (8.27in) W × 100 (3.94in) H × 245 (9.65in) D mm, 2.5kg (88.2oz)
Supplied accessories Power cord (1)
Product Overview
HIOKI E.E. CORPORATION has released the new 3334 AC/DC POWER HiTESTER, a direct-input type power meter for use with single-phase AC and DC sources. Features include integrated measurement of effective power and current, waveform peak measurement, and high-accuracy operation backed by a three-year accuracy guarantee. The instrument's large, easily visible LED display, which was designed for use in product development and evaluation and on production and inspection lines, can display measurement results for any four of the following characteristics: voltage, current, effective power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, current integration, effective power integration, voltage waveform peak, current waveform peak, and integration time. Model 3334 features a standard RS-232C interface, while Model 3334-01 features standard RS-232C and GP-IB interfaces to simplify computer-based measurement and data management.

The 3334 AC/DC POWER HiTESTER is an ideal choice for applications such as energized testing and electric energy measurement testing of electric products such as household appliances, research and development of electric devices such as battery-powered products and office equipment, and production and inspection line measurement.
  • High-accuracy measurement as required for the evaluation of products such as household appliances
    • One-year accuracy (50/60 Hz): ±0.1% rdg, ±0.1% f.s.
    • Three-year accuracy (50/60 Hz): ±0.1% rdg, ±0.2% f.s.
  • Precise DC measurementIn addition to simple DC loads, the 3334 can accurately measure waveforms with mixed DC and AC components such as half-wave rectified signals.
    • One-year accuracy: ±0.1% rdg, ±0.2% f.s.
    • Three-year accuracy: ±0.1% rdg, ±0.35% f.s.
  • The three-year accuracy guarantee is six times longer than previous HIOKI models (power measurement instruments typically have a six-month guarantee). This long-term guarantee also compares favorably to other commercially available power measurement instruments (which typically have accuracy guarantees ranging from three months to one year in duration).
  • Guaranteed accuracy over a wide input rangeSince accuracy is guaranteed over a wide range, the 3334 can be used for integrated power measurement with devices like refrigerators that cycle on and off repeatedly.
    • Voltage: Measurement from 0.15 V to 300 V (4 ranges: 15/30/150/300 V)
    • Current: Measurement from 1 mA to 30 A (6 ranges: 100 mA/300 mA/1 A/3 A/10 A/30 A)
    • Effective power: Measurement from 0 W to 9 kW
  • Combination of high accuracy, long-term accuracy guarantee, and low price
    The 3334 costs approximately 70% of other commercially available power measurement instruments with similar performance.
  • Four-channel analog output provides time history recording capability for product evaluation testing and similar applications. The 3334 can simultaneously output voltage, current, and effective power measurements at DC ±2 Vf.s. It can also generate output for any one of apparent power, power factor, current integration, and effective power integration measurements at DC ±2 Vf.s. Simply connect a recorder to record time series variations (data is updated approximately 5 times per second).
  • Three-channel waveform output can be used to observe instantaneous waveforms, for example of electric motors at startup. The 3334 can simultaneously output instantaneous voltage, current, and power waveforms at 1 V f.s. Simply connect an oscilloscope to observe rush current waveforms and instantaneous power waveforms for equipment being tested.
    • Sampling speed: Approx. 74.4 kHz (during 50 Hz operation, 1,488 points per waveform; during 60 Hz operation, 1,240 points per waveform)
  • Standard interface(s) for computer-based data management: Model 3334 ships standard with a RS-232C interface, while Model 3334-01 ships standard with both RS-232C and GP-IB interfaces, enabling the instrument to be connected to a computer for simple measurement and control. Dedicated RS-232C measurement sampling software can be obtained from your local exclusive HIOKI distributor and used as a data management tool for loading 3334 measurement data onto a computer.


Principal Users
  • Company departments responsible for research and development, quality assurance, and manufacturing of electrical devices such as household appliances, battery-powered products, and power supply devices
  • Universities, schools, and research institutions


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