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TRT-400 Transformer Ratiometer

TRT-400 Transformer Ratiometer

TRT-400 Transformer Ratiometer
TRT-400 Transformer Ratiometer
Product Code: TRT-400 True Three Phase Transformer Ratiometer
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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True Three Phase Transfomer Ratiometer


TRT400 is a three-phase, fully automatic test set specially designed for turns ratio, phase shift and excitation current measurements of power, distribution and instrument transformers. TRT400 determines transformer turns ratio by accurately measuring the voltages across the unloaded transformer windings and then displaying a ratio of these voltages.

  • Test voltages from 1 V AC up to 430 V AC
  • Ratio range 0,8 – 50 000
  • The best ratio accuracy of 0,03%
  • Built-in tap changer control unit
  • Built-in USB flash drive
  • True three-phase and single-phase test voltages
  • Automatic vector group detection
  • Detailed analysis of test results
  • Pre-programming test templates
  • Lightweight – only 9 kg


TRT400 is the most accurate turns ratio tester on the market. True three-phase test voltage allows testing any type of transformer, including special transformers like phase shifting, arc furnace, rectifier transformers, etc.

Please refer to "More Info" for detailed technical specifications

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