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DTA 100C - BAUR Insulating Oil Tester

DTA 100C - BAUR Insulating Oil Tester

DTA 100C  -  BAUR Insulating Oil Tester
DTA 100C  -  BAUR Insulating Oil Tester
Brand: BAUR
Product Code: DTA 100C - BAUR Insulating Oil Tester
Availability: 2-4 Weeks
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  • Fully automatic measurement of the dielectric strength of liquid insulations up to 100 kV
  • Excellent design for high efficiency and usability
  • Extraordinarily powerful for continuous use in the laboratory
  • Clear and reliable results through the latest measurement technology
  • Repeatable breakdown measurement in mineral oil, silicone and ester fluids

Easy, quick and safe analysis of insulanting fluids.

The breakdown voltage test is used to evaluate the degree of impurity in insulating oils due to foreign particles, gas and water. It meets current regulations and is economically useful to protect electrical systems such as transformers and switches, as well as, medical and security systems from breakdowns. The main reason for such damage is the poor condition of the insulating oil.

The oil tester BAUR DTA 100 C, is designed for continuous operation in the laboratory. This high performance instrument is characterised by the combination of extraordinary properties such as a test voltage up to 100 kV, clear breakdown detection and absolutely reliable measurement results. The BAUR DTA 100 C is the leading testing instrument for users in the electricity industry, in testing institutes and other industrial applications.


  • Excellent design for high efficiency, speed, usability and safety during continuous operation
  • Reproducable breakdown measurements even on silicone and ester fluids
  • Switch-off time below 10 μs for reliable measurement results through multiple measurements
  • Clear breakdown detection with a new measurement principle, directly on the high-voltage side and with RBM technology
  • Automatic self-test with HV output voltage test
  • Fully automatic measuring sequences from 18 pre-programmed test standards* and 10 user-programmable test sequences
  • Ergonomic operating unit with oil-proof membrane keyboard, easy to read LCD colour display and integrated printer
  • High quality test vessels incl. transport safety – compatible with previous model
  • User interface in 13 languages
  • Illuminated test vessel
  • Built-in sensor for temperature measurement of the insulating liquid
  • Minimum space requirement in the laboratory
  • EMC shield to prevent damages to IT-infrastructures
  • Option of a PC interface including new BAUR testing software ITS for user-friendly control, measurement and data archiving

More safety, efficiency and profitability

Reliable and regular insulating oil testing with BAUR is used not only for protection of systems but also for prevention of high costs due to failures and accidents. It is highly economical to defer high investments such as the replacement of insulating oils as long as possible for an optimum exploitation. A cost example: replacement of the insulating oil in an 80 MVA transformer at an oil price of 2.50 € and a requirement of about 15,000 litres means an investment of approx. 37,500 €. The life time can be maximised through exact determination of the oil quality, which subsequently improves the profi tability.


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